Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Wash and a Win

So... Friday was a bit of a wash, nutritionally speaking. I had my normal bowl of cereal for breakfast. At work, it was Halloween Central with lots of treats. We had a potluck, and there weren't any veggie offerings. I skipped the pizza, but had about 1/2 C of spaghetti, about 8 chips with nacho cheese and artichoke dip, a turkey and cheese sandwich in the shape of a pumpkin, a bone biscuit. I added a cup of fruit salad, which was good. Then I had some dessert- 2 cookies! I was STUFFED!
And it was a good thing, because we got to dinner a little later! After work, Kendall and I met up with his parents to go to a lecture by the first female astronaut in space, Dr. Sally Ride. Great lecture and really inspired us to remember to be green! We went out for Thai at Madam Mam's. We love that place! I ordered the Tom Kha, which had about 1 C of mushrooms, some chicken and coconut milk. I had it with 1 C rice. So delicious! I took the soup home, which was all coconut milk.
We got home and had a glass of white wine. Not a lot of veggies today, and the coconut milk, nachos, dip, etc had fat.
Halloween was a win! I had a bowl of cereal with dried strawberries and some coffee. I studies while Kendall cleaned. I pitched in with the floors! Then it was time to shower, lunch and run errands! We had PB & J and split a pear, and I had the coconut milk Thom Kha as a soup.
Then we were off! Bank, Academy, Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy and then the grocery store. We got home in just enough time to carve a pumpkin before trick-or-treaters came knockin'! We made some veggie snacks with hummus and got to cooking Kendall's birthday dinner.
I sipped a Guinness while cooking.
Kendall requested seared tuna, which he cooked, and shrimp with pasta and cheese sauce. We later had some cheesecake on the side. I had a glass of white wine with dinner.
We later had cheesecake and some decaf as we watched a movie and answered the doors to trick-or-treaters.
Before bed, we had a small glass of red wine. Yum!

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