Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is Only a Test

I woke up this morning and threw lunches together, and then settled in for my bowl of Special K with milk (1 serv grains, 1 serv dairy). I grabbed my black coffee to go and was out the door! Kendall made the coffee this morning, and I'll admit... he makes a better brew.

I got hungry at work and had a banana for a snack (1 serv fruit). It was a bit under ripe for me, but it kept me going until lunch.

I heated up some leftover rice and beans (~3/4 C rice, ~3/4 C beans and veggies). I put the rice on top of the bean mix, so when I heated it, the liquid from the beans steamed the rice a bit. Yum! I had an apple on the side. I am trying to push water, so I had 32 oz at lunch (half while I waited for the microwave to do its job). I had ONE chocolate after lunch.
I started to feel the temptation for another this afternoon, so I opted for a cup of low-cal, low-fat hot cocoa. It hit the spot!
I ran hope and made a quick snack of celery (4 sticks, 2 ribs=~ 2 serv?) with peanut butter (2 Tbsp). That gave me the fuel I needed for my exam. I did a lot better than I thought I would! Hooray!
I came home hungry, so I toasted a piece of Ezekiel bread (1 serv). The bread has protein, whole grains and low salt. So good for you! It wasn't quite as salty as I like, but the margarine (2 tsp) helped and I dipped the crusts in my... soup!
We had leftover rice, so I heated up some stock, threw in 1 rib celery, 1 calabaza squash and 2 rings of onion (1/4 in), all diced. I added some dried basil, parsley, and ground pepper. Then I spooned about 1/2 C of rice into a bowl and ladled the soup over and sprinkled with a little cheese. It was about 1 serv veggies. It was hearty and filling.
So glad the test is over, but November is shaping up to be crazy month at school. I have 3 tests in 1 month--for one class. Crazy!! But life has a funny way of showing you whose boss and what's important. I got 2 great pieces of news this week: my brother and his wife are EXPECTING and then the second couple that we set up are ENGAGED (the first is getting hitched in a few months)! There are things in life so much more important than some ol' measly test.

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