Monday, January 31, 2011


There are days when doing homework sounds downright boring.  And when I say, "there are days," I really mean, "Most, if not all days."  So even though I did my accounting homework GRUDGINGLY, I really wanted to be playing with my puppies.

I mean, for real.  Who could deny a face like that?

Or that?  That is a cuddle-monster, if ever I've seen one.

Yes, Maple and Daisy were quite the distractions while I was wrestling with debits and credits.  And with the cold front coming in later, I'd like nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch with a nice mug of hot cocoa with those puppies.  But alas, my presence is requested at a dinner with one of Hubster's co-workers and the Hubster himself!

But I will be back.  And I will don sweatpants.  And I will have my cuddle time!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seriously Cool.

I might be a little late on this bandwagon, but I really LOVE frozen yogurt.  Austin has recently seen quite a few serve-yourself yogurt shops crop up.  We have two near us, but the nearest to us is Tutti Frutti.  Good thing that it's tasty!

My husband and I love to try every shop's original flavor.  It's a good judge of their style.  Tutti Frutti's Original isn't too sweet nor too tart.  And we love the other berry flavors.  My favorite is raspberry.

We normally put a few berries and some sliced almonds for crunch.  And Kendall and I usually split a cup with about 3 different flavors.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just a Lunchbox...

As you may recall, I have been a fan of bento boxes for a while now.  When I had the time, I would try to pack our lunches bento-style in tupperware containers.  While on a short excursion this weekend, we stopped by Fit, a Japanese homegoods store in Houston.  It's modeled after the hyaku yen (one hundred yen) store, similar to a dollar store.  And there, we found very good, yet very reasonably priced bento boxes.  For Kendall, a two-tiered black box, with a snap lock and a pair of chopsticks.  For me, a smaller, cute mint green two-tiered box with a compartment for chopsticks.  I got a pair of chopsticks and a band to secure it all.

So I've been having some fun the past few mornings as I construct some bentos for Kendall to take to work.  He likes the tidiness and sleekness of the box.  Before, I was using lots of plastic baggies to pack up his sandwiches and carrots.  Now it's all in one reusable box.  And it also expands what foods he can take to work.  Cold stuff, easily, but also food to warm up.

So here is what Kendall took to work today.  In the lower tier, steamed rice and chicken teriyaki with onions.  All covered with spring onions.  In the top tier, roasted asparagus and bell peppers.  There is also apple slices.  In the folded baggy, there is furikake and some soy sauce in the little fish bottle for the rice.  You'll also notice cherry tomatoes to stabilize the food.  The bottom tier could be warmed easily and the top tier is eaten cooled.

Kendall's verdict: Loves it!  He finds it easier to eat certain things with chopsticks (no sticky fingers on the keyboard), and really enjoyed a warmed lunch.  He also likes the tidiness the box affords and the future of more variety in lunch.  It is also nice to look at something appealing, rather than a cold sandwich in a bag.