Sunday, February 17, 2008

Right around the Corner

The weather is warming up and the sun is shining. That can only mean one thing: Spring is on its way! The nurseries are starting to stock more flowers and vines for planting. I've had my eyes on many bulbs (elephant ears, caladiums, amaryllis, and onions), as well as other pretty flowers and tasty foods. I'm considering trying my hand at strawberries and possibly asparagus this spring.

With all these reminders of spring, Kendall and I are thinking of how to get our yards ready for planting. I think I might flip through some landscaping books and sketch an outline for our backyard. We have lots of "wants" when it comes to furniture, grills, etc., but might have to wait for an after-season sale!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Looking Forward

In the past few months, so many things have happened from holidays to weddings to vacations. During the winter, Kendall and I visited his grandparents in Ohio and our good friend Mary in Chicago. The cold weather and snow definitely put us in the holiday spirit. Walking around snowy downtown Chicago, in front of the Art Institute, with my good friend, boyfriend and cousin definitely went down as one of "My Favorite Vacation Memories."

We then enjoyed some very happy holidays and got to host our three good friends from Egypt, the Korras. We had such a good time showing them around Texas and catching up!

Most recently, Kendall and I made some news ourselves: we got engaged! Now we are busy planning the wedding and having fun celebrating with family and friends.

Throughout all of this, there has been a theme of "looking forward." Whether to the holidays, the new year, or a lifetime together.

To round things out, it's February in Texas, and that means that we are walking that fine line between seasons. It was warm and sunny this weekend, and so Kendall and I headed out to Driftwood Vineyards for a little wine tasting and relaxation. With beautiful views of the vineyard and hill country, we certainly found it. We came back and used the last few hours of daylight to trim some branches in our front yard and talk about spring planting. We are definitely looking forward to that.

With warmer weather coming around, I can't help but feel excited. I was discussing this on the phone with my friend Bethany this week. I'm ready to wear sandals and shorts, sit out on the porch, and feel that general laziness that accompanies summer. I've had just enough of snuggling up in sweaters, and now I'm ready for the breeziness of spring. Certainly, a stifling heat will hit us again, and we'll be clamoring for the days when we can put on our stocking caps. But for now, I'm perfectly content, with my pink toenails and flip-flops and short sleeve shirt. I'm looking forward. Bring it on.