About Me

I'm Laura and I live, love, cook, eat and work in Austin.  I'm hoping to get my Masters in Nutrition and become a certified, registered dietician. 

I like food.  A lot.  I like healthy food that tastes good.  I believe in moderation.  I'm also a terrible cheapskate.

So I've decided to write about how to cook real food that tastes great and won't give you a heart condition or make you need to change into your baggy sweat pants, and that won't drain your bank account.

I didn't always think this way.  I used to eat about 10 fun-size Snickers bars every night and lay on the couch.  Then, in college, I lost some weight.  Wanna know my secret?  Learning to eat right and exercising!  I started running, working out and watching what I put in my mouth.  And guess what?  I lost 43 pounds and kept it off.  It's a miracle!  (Not really.  Lots of people do it.)

So here, I blog about what I eat, what it costs, how it tastes, and occasionally, my dreamboat of a husband and my funny dog, Maple.  Thanks for checkin' in!