Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Ready, Get Ready!

Today was awesome for a lot of reasons. First was that it was the last day of work before Thanksgiving. I started off with a bowl of cereal and milk and black coffee.

Secondly, it was cool this morning and a donned a pretty cute outfit. Let's just say it involved wide-leg black pants, cute denim jacket and a scarf.

I got to work and some people brought in some treats. I had a slice of pumpkin bread and half of a donut. Foiled my plan for light eating today!

THEN, we got out EARLY! Which was AWESOME! So the gals and I headed to lunch. I ordered a mushroom burger, thinking it was a portabella cap instead of a beef patty. It was really a beef patty smothered with mushrooms. So I ditched the beef. I also had about 1/2 C of the fries. Oops.

I got home and hung out my hubs. Then the flooring guy called and we went to Lowe's to finalize our carpet. Soon we'll have new floors in our two side bedrooms! Hoorah!

We got home and he made dinner while I started on our bread. He made salmon, orzo and some potatoes and onions. Very delicious!

I popped the bread in the oven and had one of these...

Ding! The bread was ready. I made whole-wheat egg bread, which I braided to take to Thanksgiving tomorrow. The first loaf didn't braid as well as the second. My bad! I'm still learning.

Now it's Glee and relaxing before the big Turkey Day!

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