Sunday, November 29, 2009


I do love Sundays. After sending Dad off, I got to work on some whole-wheat waffles! I had a little syrup and cranberry juice.

I studied a bit, and then we went to visit my grandparents. We got home in time for a little lunch! I had a bowl of leftover Spanish stew, half a sweet potato and a huge apple cut up. It was really filling.
I was going to make some black beans, but we wanted to go shopping for the afternoon. Gosh, if I only had something that could cook my beans without me having to BE there.... HELLO Slow Cooker! I think I love you!
We went to Wimberly and shopped around. We got a few gifts... AND they are food related! I love giving gourmet gifts, because most of our family won't buy it for themselves.
When we got home, we were greeted by a pot of black beans! Yum! I had a bowl topped with a bit of shredded cheese with 2 corn tortillas. I've had 2 glasses of red wine.

Now we are chilling, watching Extreme Home Makeover...

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