Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grocery Update

Sorry I'm a bit delayed in posting this, but I wanted to get through my test. Time for our grocery total for the week. So... this week we went over... again. But with good reason! We bought some stuff to celebrate Kendall's b-day. We spent a total of $53.13! Not even close.

But we got some yummy goods. Some of our more delectable, extravagant choices...a cheesecake, a block of Gouda, a yellowfin tuna steak, french bread... and we upped the ante on our peanut butter (we went with all-natual finally) and our bouillon (all natural). I feel good about the choices we made. And honestly, we would have spent much more than $14 for a dinner out, eating cheesy pasta, pan-seared tuna, veggies with hummus and cheesecake. I don't feel too guilty.

Which reminds me... we still have Gouda!

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