Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top of the Pops!

Today was Kendall's first day of his new schedule, so we decided to start our new AM running routine. It means getting up a little earlier, but I ran for 20 min this morning! I only ran 1.6 miles, but I hope to improve that. It felt so good!

After a shower, I had a bowl of cereal and grabbed my coffee to go. After a bit of a snafu, not finding my prescription that I just refilled, I sprinted out the door and headed to work. I had an apple for a snack.

For lunch, leftover rice (1 C) and black beans with veggies (1 C of mix, so probably .5 C beans, .5 veggies). Then I had 3 chocolates out of the candy bowl! Yeeks!

When I got home, Kendall and I went to vote. He surprised me by saying, "You have to study, so let's go out." We went to Galaxy Cafe. I love that place! I ordered the smoked turkey (2 oz) and brie (1.5 oz) with greens (about 1 C, actually!) on a baguette with apricot preserves! I loved the flavors! But I wished the bread was whole grain, maybe something nuttier. I ordered the sweet potato fries and ate about a third. Kendall had a few, I had some of his fruit cup, and we took the rest home. I sort of wish I hadn't ordered fries with the chocolates, but I wanted the beta-carotene in the sweet potatoes.

After studying, it was time for a snack. How about some popcorn!

I started with 2 Tbsp oil in the pot with two kernels over high heat. You can decrease the oil. I usually poor enough just to cover the bottom of the pot. After the two kernels popped, I added about half of my 2/3 C of corn.

Then cover and let pop!

After, I turned it into a bowl, spray with cooking spray, and sprinkle with popcorn salt. Toss and serve!

Wish my luck on my test tomorrow!

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