Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sort of Sinner

Today was not so great... I started with my bowl of cereal and milk. Kendall helped me get out the door. He didn't have to work today, but I did! I packed a sandwich, banana and some dried fruit and nuts. That's what I had for lunch... plus a donut! I also went with some co-workers and downed some serious Diet Coke.

Kendall was in charge of dinner, but he did a lot of work! He surprised me with a new rose bush in the front, mulched the beds, brought in the plants for the winter, got some paperwhite bulbs (!!), and got rid of an old mirror. He also found some wood rot on some of the accent trim on the house. Luckily, my husband and brother are handy so they'll fix it this weekend!

Since his day was packed, pizza was in order. I had the equivalent of 3 slices and some cranberry-pomegranate juice.
While I was doing homework and getting some bingo in order for the bridal shower I'm hosting this weekend, he was baking something delicious... pound cake! We enjoyed it over a little "Glee." I think I'm in love with that show. Next stop=bed!

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