Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There are Reasons for 3 Day Weeks

I started the day off well-rested (YES!) with some cereal, milk, and coffee. For lunch, I packed some white chili (~1.5 C) and 2 C of red grapes. I didn't get hungry until 10:45 am, so I just had some water and a hard candy to tide me over until lunch.

I was ready for a run when I left work, but by the end of my commute, felt totally drained. I hate that! But when I got home, I discovered hubby still working away, so I snuck in a run and shower before he wrapped up his work. Then we feasted on more white chili, and I had half of a sweet potato and a big carrot. I think the chili out with a little more stock, so it would fill me up a bit more. Worked!

After dinner, I submitted my research paper, which feels awesome! Then, I felt the hankerin' for something sweet. I was feeling a little chilled, so I thought it was a perfect time to make some hot cocoa. Who could say no to Abuelita on a night like tonight?
So I threw a square into the sauce pan with 3/4 C non-fat milk and heated and stirred.

Then it started to look all chocolatey and creamy and yummy. And it smelled amazing...

So I poured it into a cup and enjoyed! It really hit the spot. I love the cinnamon flavors in there. And I get my milk with just 90 extra calories. Not a bad trade!

Time to RELAX and get ready for a day of FEASTING in a few days!!! Sweet dreams, everyone!

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