Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scaredy Cat!

This morning's run was, *ahem*, interrupted. Normally, I wake up first and run so when I get in the shower, Kendall's heading out for his run. Normally, I hear him come downstairs. So this morning, I had a minute left and had the Beatles cranked up on my iPod when I hear this booming male voice and see someone in the shadows. It was only Kendall! I screamed bloody murder, jumped about a foot in the air, then try to regain balance on the still running treadmill. Once I turned it off, I started crying, naturally. Kendall had been standing there dumbfounded, but then rushed to my rescue. The body's response system is funny. I had registered that it was Kendall and everything was okay, but I still started crying!

After a shower, I had a bowl of cereal with milk. I grabbed some coffee and headed out the door.

I packed a HUGE apple today and that was my snack. It's so big, so I counted it as 2 fruits.

For lunch, I had a cup of leftover fideo with two corn tortillas. I had some sauteed onions and carrots on the side (about .5 C). I had a chocolate for dessert.

Then I felt like I was going to go back for more chocolate, so I made some low cal hot cocoa. It's only 60 calories and it works!

For dinner, we had the rest of the fideo (.5 C) with some black beans (.25 C), sauteed squash (.5C) and mashed potato pancakes (.5 C). Yum!

After a walk and some homework, I decided it was time for a little snack. I made a cheese and cracker plate with some dried cranberries and mixed nuts on the side. I had about 7 crackers with 2 oz of cheese and half of the nuts and berries.

I hit my water intake target today! Yes!

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