Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some Days are Better Than Others

I kicked the day off with a bowl of cereal and milk. We're almost done with this last box (we had stocked up) and now can look for a more fiber rich cereal. Then it was off to work!

We were out of fruit, so I made some low-fat hot cocoa at snack time to tide me over. I was basically famished by lunch. For lunch, I had a slice a bread with one slice cheese and one slice turkey and some mayo. I had a bowl of last night's vegetable soup over a bit of rice (2 serv grains, 1 serv meat, 1 serv dairy, 1 serv veggies). A neighbor bought me a chocolate cupcake. Yum!

I had 48 oz water at work, which was good. I was ready to go home, though!
I dropped by the store on the way home and got some olive oil, pears, and coffee. I came home and made some Salmon en Papillote with green bell peppers and onions and couscous on the side (1 serv protein, 2 serv veggies, 2 serv grains). So delicious and a great way to end the day. Now we are relaxing with some wine and Grey's.

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