Monday, November 9, 2009

New Favorite One-Pot Comfort Meal?

A few months ago, Kendall brought home a recipe from this really nice co-worker and I've been meaning to try it since. Yesterday, I realized I had all the makings for it, so I decided to bust out...

Lisa's Chicken Fideo!

So glad I did. It's such a simple (and economical) recipe and is so comforting and delicious. It's spicy and warm and tangy... all in one pot!

Fideo is very, very inexpensive. I can get a box for $0.26. I put a little olive oil in the pot and sauteed a diced onion and a little garlic. Then I added the dry Fideo and brown that a little. Then I added chili powder and cumin. It smelled amazing!
I dumped a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles. Then I added about 2 C of chicken stock, some shredded chicken meat and two wings from last night's chicken. Then I put the lid on, brought to a boil and diced some calabaza squash (this was not in Lisa's recipe, but I added it for more veggies). It boiled, I threw in the squash, and lowered to a simmer for 15-20 min. Then I threw in 2 Tbsp of tomato paste to thicken in and added salt and little more cumin (Lisa's recipe calls for 3-4 tsp and I had started with about 1 tsp). Then stireand lower heat even more for a few minutes. Warm up some tortillas, pour drinks, grab some napkins. Then I spooned one wing into each bowl and covered with the rest of this yumminess.
It says that it better the longer it simmers and best as leftovers. I totally believe it. Can't wait to have it for lunch tomorrow!
I had 1.5 bowls of this, which is probably about 3 oz chicken meat, 1 C fideo, and 3/4 cup veggies and tomato juice. Just guessing! Plus I had a corn tortilla on the side.
Seriously, this is a cheap but delicious meal. Make this and impress your friends. One 5 lb chicken fed two for three to four meals each (the fideo comprising two meals)=~$2.50 for this recipe. The Fideo was basically a quarter. I used 2 Tbsp of a 30 cent can of tomato paste, and a 65 cent can of tomatoes. I used a squash that cost about 50 cents. Done! That's a total of $3.95, or $0.98 each meal!
Now enjoying some juice and chamomile tea while watching "Coraline!"

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