Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chicken Dinner Success

I woke up and started with cereal and milk while Kendall started BAKING BREAD!

Then we started organizing and cleaning and tidying. I went to the store, came back, vacuumed, and had lunch. We had tomato basil soup with some fresh homemade foccacia bread. Yum! Later, we split a pear with a bit of cheese.

Then we went to look for a Christmas tree, but it was a fail. Then I came home, took a shower, and studied. I found the software for my good camera, and I think you'll notice the difference. I was a bit wet from shopping and after my shower, I felt like cozying up, so I lit some candles and had some hot tea! These next two shots were with my good camera...
Then I embarked on my roasted chicken dinner. Yup! I roasted my first whole chicken with some veggies. We also had green beans and mashed potatoes. So good! It was a total success. When carving was over, I threw the bones in a pot and made some stock.

Now we're having some decaf and watching TV.

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