Sunday, October 18, 2009

What a Day!

Saturday was busy but fun! I started the day off with a bowl of cranberry-cinnamon oatmeal. I sprinkled a bit of brown sugar on it, which was yummy. I wasn't crazy of the texture of the dried cranberries in the oatmeal. I think I wish it was softer. I love those cranberries in other settings, though! I cut up half a banana in my oatmeal and at the rest on the side. Plus coffee!

Then we hopped to it and cleaned MOST of the house. We needed to take my aunt to the airport, so we didn't get to the floors or the dusting, but we planned to finish it later. The drive with Aunt Elsa was nice and we talked about Seattle and architecture. She's a pretty hip lady!

We came home and finished cleaning, threw in some laundry and snacked. Then we hit the stores! I snagged a nice knit sweater that's longer with a belt. Love it. It was hard to decide between the light gray and the brown stripes, but I went for the gray because I think it will be a little more versatile. We also bought a little gift for my nephew's birthday.

Then it was home again for lunch. Kendall made grilled turkey and swiss with some onion and tomato. And we made some tomato soup with basil on the side. Delish!

I hit up Newflower for a sack of potatoes, some red bell pepper and saw this display of Asain pears. It said $.69 so I stocked up! Too bad it was $.69 EACH! Yikes! But we are resolved to eat them all!

Then I sat outside in the glorious weather and studied while Kendall did some yardwork. An hour later, my brain was tired and I helped out with some yard clean-up. Then I held the latter while Kendall did a little painting. Then I headed inside to get dinner ready. Sorry I don't have more photos of it, but I was super busy cooking and paying attention to the kiddos!

But here's the menu:
Stuffed Mushrooms
Baked Brie with Cranberry and Walnut and wheat crackers
Baked Chicken Rolls with Cheddar
Mashed Potatoes
Purple and Green Asparagus
Mixed Greens Salad with Bell Pepper and Pear and a Balsamic Vinagrette

Robin brought dessert! We had sugar cookies, carrot cake and brookies (brownies and cookies combined). Yum! I had only one mushroom and one cracker with brie while I was cooking. I had a smaller chicken breast with cheese. Those were a hit! Kendall was on taters and did a fabulous job, as always. I never knew I was marrying a man who had such a knack for mashed potatoes, but he's really good at it!
I had about 3/4 C of those with a bit of gravy (~2 tsp). I loaded up the adults' plates with asparagus. I think it was a bit much! The purple asparagus was fat and everyone got two spears of that. Then then I basically split the other lb. in thirds. Yikes! I think it was about 2 C of asparagus. I had about 1.5 C salad, which was so yummy. Then I had one 2-bite brookie, a 4 in. squared piece of cake, and half of a sugar cookie. I sipped a light beer while cooking, but had half left when dinner started. But I also wanted some white wine with dinner, so I had about 2 oz of that. Then, when I had finished both, I had about 3-4 oz of white wine. After guests left, I had a litte more brie and about 6 crackers and 2.5 oz of red wine.

Then it was off to bed! Today will be busy too. We have a birthday party, lots of laundry and I need to make some invitations for my friends' bridal shower and I MUST study some more.

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