Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not Too Bad

It started off as a good morning. I had my usual cereal (1 C) with milk (3/4 C)...

I snapped a photo of lunch today! It was some leftovers. A cup of yogurt (~1 C), some mashed potatoes (~ 3/4 C) and gravy (2 tsp), steamed veggies (1 C) and cranberry sauce (1/2 C). I also grabbed a pear for lunch and had a tangerine for a snack at work.

Then Lauren came over for dinner! She made some black bean burgers (1/4 C beans, whole grain bread crumbs) with chopped onions and red and green bell pepper (1/4 C). We also had potato wedges (2 C) and carrots (1.5 C) with hummus (~2 Tbsp). We each had a glass of red wine and some water. It was SO YUMMY!

We had dark chocolate for dessert. Now I'm having some juice and watching Leno.

Exciting News: I'm now part of Foodbuzz's Publisher program! I love their site and am so excited to be a part of it.

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