Monday, October 5, 2009

Dinner for the Sick

Monday was a sick day. I had a bowl of Special K with dried strawberries and some milk. After reading our chapter about fiber, I realized that we need a new cereal! We get almost nill from Special K.

I trekked in for my TB test and drove home felt awful. Kendall was already staying home from work sick and I called in too. We spent most of the morning in bed, sleeping. I tried reading more, but I was feeling dizzy, so that didn't work out too well.

For lunch I had another bowl (about 2 C) of spinach minestrone with 4 wheat crackers. Kendall and I split an apple.

I took another nap, then woke up and Kendall and I watched a movie on streaming Netflix. Love that! We felt a little snacky, so we each had a pear and some crackers with mozzarella cheese.

By dinner, Kendall was feeling better and I was feeling worse, so he made some miso soup and some rice with Golden Curry!

It's this great curry that he had in Japan. He used a potato, two carrots, and a yellow onion. It was so yummy and really hit the spot.

Miso Soup

Golden Curry! Yum yum.

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