Monday, October 12, 2009


It was another day of home improvement! But we finished... here's a before and after.

A big mirror that was glued to the wall that took up everything above the double sink. Plus one of those generic vanity lights with the big bulbs...

Behold! Snazzier fixtures, individual mirrors and shelves. Fancy schmancy!

I knew we had our work cut out for us so, I started the day off with a bowl of hot oatmeal with thinly sliced apples, some cinnamon, honey and peanut butter. Yum! I finished the other half of the apple that I didn't thinly slice, and a cup of coffee.

For lunch, I made some white chili and corn bread. My lunch looked much like this, except no beer at lunch, but juice instead, and only one square of corn bread. Also I chopped a big tomato for salad at lunch, not the cherry tomatoes shown here. But this photo was my dinner. Super good... Kendall's a big fan of this meal.
White chili and a dark beer... 1554! So delicious.
It was a full day and we are pooped! I had to finish some school work and went to campus to make some copies and send in my assignment with campus mail. I was a total genius and forgot any cash, so I wasn't able to make copies on campus before sending. My teacher urges us to keep a hard copy of EVERYTHING we send via campus mail, so I took it along to the grocery store. I also returned the light fixture we bought last night, because we were worried it wouldn't produce enough light. So I brought home our second choice. Then Kendall went to mount it, and disaster struck. It only had one big screw to mount it, and when he screwed in a glass lantern, the whole thing tipped like a see-saw! We were sufficiently freaked out, so we exchanged it for another one! Then after lunch, it was back to campus to put my assignment into campus mail. We spent the rest of the afternoon wiring, measuring, drilling and mounting lights, mirrors and shelves. Whew! Time well spent though. I love the new look!

Good night all!

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