Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool Front!

This morning, I was totally inspired by my friend Jill's blog entry. She wrote about how excited she is about fall, her favorite season. Jill has always been a great friend, and I'm beginning to think that our senior year at college as roommates provided us with a telepathic sense about one another... Just last night I was flipping through my new issue of "Taste of Home" and talking to Kendall about how much I love fall cooking!

We are experiencing a bit of a cool down here in Central Texas, and while those braving ACL Festival will probably need their umbrella, a slicker and some galoshes this weekend, Kendall and I are facing another conundrum. We were scheduled to go on a day trip with his family to a winery or maybe Luckenbach, but it looks like we're rained out. We are now looking for indoor ideas, and Kendall thought it might be simplest to invite everyone over to our casa for boardgames and chit-chat. So now I'm thinking of a scrumptious lunch menu! I want it to be simple, healthy and yummy. I was thinking of a build-your-own-sandwich bar and a vegetable-broth based soup and some cookies. But I'm looking for soup and cookie ideas! Help!

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