Sunday, October 18, 2009


So something is going awry and I'm not able to upload photos. Sorry! Will do that whenever I can.

For lunch, I had a fourth of a chicken and cheese sandwich, and a fourth of a chicken salad sandwich. I had lots of fresh veggies (~2 C total throughout the party) with 1.5 Tbsp dip. I ended up splitting a fourth of another chicken salad sandwich. I also had a bit of a rice krispie treat but Kendall and I decided that they were too sweet and left most. I also had a cup of punch. Yum!

After gifts, we headed home and I studied for about an hour with a glass of juice. I feel a lot more prepared for my test. I love that feeling.

For dinner, it was leftovers. I had about 3/4 C pasta with some meat sauce, 1/2 C mashed potatoes with 1 Tbsp gravy, two stuffed mushrooms and a mixed salad. I also had about 1 Tbsp brie with 1/4 C cranberries and 5 crackers. So good! I also had half of a sugar cookie.

We had a lot of folding today after our walk. But now that it's done, we are hanging out with some beer and a little bit (4 bites) of carrot cake. I've definitely upped the discretionary calories today, but I'll be extra good tomorrow.

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