Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/24: Leave the Leaves!

We started the day off with some amazing coffee and yummy toast with my Aunt. Then we met up with Aunt Elsa and went walking to look at cute houses and pretty leaves. We stopped a neighborhood bakery for some more coffee and pastries. I had a delicious apple scone. It was so moist and crumbly and the apples were the perfect sweet-tart balance. Kendall got the most amazing oatmeal cookie. Then... we walked some more! After a few hours, we saw the clouds rolling in, so we stopped for some lunch at Metropolitan Market. So much to choose from! Sadly, not enough veggie options... we looked at salads but they were all big and we looked at the deli and all they had was cauliflower. We didn't want to give up our soup or our sushi, so we bought a pear. And then we didn't eat it! There were some veggies in the soup, but a negligble amount of them, and some seaweed around sushi. But everything was seriously delicious.

Aunt Elsa decided to rest and Kendall and I went out for another coffee! Then we came back and headed downtown for dinner. We meandered around and found one of Aunt Elsa's old haunts. Kendall and I split the mussels in wine sauce with fries and a Caesar salad. The server kept bring bread to sop up with wine sauce because it was sooooo good. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The mussels were huge! The salad probably provided 2 C of lettuce each, so 2 servings. Otherwise, it was a pretty carb heavy day.

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