Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/25 Part 2- Last Night :(

After our hike, we checked into our hotel and went to Bridgeport Brewery and Pub for dinner. I was super excited after hearing Kendall's rave reviews. I ordered a half-pint of their Winter Ale and loved it! It was dark and had a hint of citrus and spice. I later sampled a half-pint of their dark stout, Blackstrap. It's Kendall's favorite and I've gotta agree... it's good. I liked the half-pint option because I could try two flavors and only have about 1.5 beers.

We ordered the Brewpub salad and split it. Can you believe that's a small?! It had goat cheese, walnuts and apples in a vinaigrette. The creaminess and sweetness and tang were a great match. Kendall wasn't so nuts about the goat cheese.

Then we ordered the pizza with artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese and spinach. So delicious! I had about half. No room for dessert, so we headed back to the hotel and hit the hay before our 4:15 am wake up call!

Not such a bad day, though I had a lot of bread again and the muffin was fatty... I tried to rectify my veggie deficiency from the previous days and still have some yummy food. The lunch salad was about 1 C, the burger had two mushroom caps, which probably was about 2 C, plus some lettuce and tomatoes. For dinner, the salad gave about 2.5 C for 5.5 C total! I think I did a decent job and didn't feel like I was on a diet on vacation.

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