Monday, October 26, 2009

Thurs 10/22-- I Would Walk 500 Miles

I started off the day with Kendall at breakfast. I met some of his new team there. I was too self-conscious to take photos, but picked up some fat-free peach yogurt, a bowl of fresh fruit (~2 C) and a cinnamon English Muffin which I smeared peanut butter on. I thought the muffin was wheat because of the brown flecks, but I was wrong. It was tasty, though! I spotted some oatmeal on another table and cursed my luck. I was super hungry and basically grabbed a starch, some protein/dairy and fruit that morning-- no browsing! The coffee was good. I had two cups of black cafe.

Kendall headed to the office and I went back to the room to veg with my coffee, free paper and cable before heading out. I waited for the traffic to die down, and then went to the lobby to ask for public transit directions to Vancouver, WA's trail along the Columbia River. They were supernice and took me in the van!

I walked about 1.5 hours, looking a leaves, people watching, enjoying the crisp air and listening to music. Then I walked into town and looked for some lunch. I stopped at Tommy O's, a Hawaiian-inspired deli in downtown Vancouver. Great menu! I really wanted soup, so I opted for the sandwich combo and had half a turkey and cranberry on their sunflower sourdough (bread was to die for) with a cup of turkey veggie soup and chips. I only had half the bag of chips, though they were tasty. It all was good!

After a satisfying lunch, I milled around downtown and popped into a few galleries. My legs were tired, so I decided to wrap it up. I walked across the land bridge to the old fort and then headed back. I showered, put my feet up and then got ready to walk the few blocks to the office to meet the rest of Kendall's team. It was so good to put faces to names!

After they wrapped up, a few of us out-of-towners went to McMenamins at the Kennedy School in Portland. They converted this old school into a restaurant, brewery, theatre, and hotel! Very cool. I had the grilled coho salmon (~6 oz... huge!) with rice (2 serv) and veggies (3 serv). They had some bread off to the side, which I ate and regretted because the rice was better and I wasn't hungry for it. I did have their dark ale, The Terminator. Dark and rich, but not too chocolately. Loved it!
Kendall and I picked up some Full Sail IPA at a local store after the group disbanded. We enjoy responsibly in our hotel room!

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