Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to Work

I started the day with a bowl of Special K (~1 C) and skim milk (~1 C). The morning at work wasn't too bad and I powered through until lunch. I had some hunger pangs around 11 am, but then got distracted. Lunch was turkey (1 oz.) and muenster (1 oz.) on whole wheat bread (2 serv) with lettuce (.5 serv) and some mayo (1 Tbsp). I had a pear on the side (1 serv). Halloween candy is out and I need to be careful. Today I had 4 chocolates and a SweetTart!

I had my banana this afternoon (2 serv) when I wanted another sweet item. Dinner was leftover white chili (1.5 C) with corn tortillas (1 serv) and a salad (1 C lettuce, 1 serv cucumber). I tried to make a cranberry vinaigrette.... Not the best, but not too bad! Now I'm munching on blackberries and relaxing after a nice walk and shower. Overall, a very balanced day... except those yummy candies!

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