Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Runnin' Again

Whew! What a day! Work went well, but man, people are dropping like flies with the flu and all sorts of nasty bugs. Just a friendly reminder: Wash your hands a LOT, eat well-balanced meals, exercise, take a vitamin, drink your water and get some sleep! Basically, do everything you can to keep your body healthy and your defenses up!

Breakfast was a quick bowl of Cheerios and milk and a cup of black coffee. That kept me well-fueled for the morning, which was great! For lunch, a sandwich of turkey (1 oz), Swiss (1 oz), lettuce (~1 C) and mayo (2 tsp) on whole wheat bread (2 oz).

This afternoon, I snacked on candy. My bad! I'm a sucker for Smarties. But driving home, stuck in traffic and after reading about running at KathEats, I felt the urge to run! I started to reflect, and realized that I really do miss running. Even though it totally sucks when I'm actually running, I feel great immediately afterward. I like being a person who runs, I like feeling like I did something. And... not gonna lie, I looked a bit more toned when I ran. I've been saying that I want to get back to running, but it doesn't happen. I'm really going to try to get back to running. So tonight, right when I got home, I went upstairs, threw on some workout clothes, laced up my tennies and hit the pavement!

I came home and Kendall was already working on the salmon! I sauteed some zucchini and onions with salt. And we had some cornbread on the side. The salmon was... edible. No fault of Kendall's but the fish was a bit funky. We ended up throwing the rest out.

We went for a walk and came home craving a snack. So I whipped up some guacamole!

I had about 4 plates like this...

Shopping trip numbers comin' right up!

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