Monday, October 26, 2009

Wed 10/21-- Flight!

I had a little yogurt for breakfast and busied myself with straightening up the house before I left. I think I rechecked the doors five times! Then I was off to work with my luggage and lunch. I had a black bean burger on whole wheat bread and hummus, plus two pears. Yum!

I got dinner at the airport. It's so hard to find a healthy option in airports, and I didn't pack anything. My bad! I really need to make an effort to do that next time...

After walking the entire airport, I decided on a turkey salad from Schlotsky's. I had some chips on the side and dropped an Airborne into a cup and added water.

I had some water and tomato juice on the plane rides. I was so parched. I also didn't bring an empty water bottle to refill in the terminal. Dangit! I really struck out this time. I seriously gawked at the fat grams in those chips. Ouch!
My flight got in at 11 pm in Portland (1 am TX time, y'all!) and the handsomest fellow was there to pick me up! Then we were off the hotel where I promptly hit the hay.

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