Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not $o Good

Alright, y'all! I went to the store Monday when I got home and stopped by Wednesday evening as well. And I totally went over the $40 goal!

Monday's total came to $45.54... I bought chicken, bread, bananas, tortillas, letuce, pears, cukes, broccoli, blackberries, some salad dressing, oregano, bell peppers, a few cans of diced tomatoes, a few cans of beans, a can of corn for the chili, flour, parsley, chamomile tea, a can of chunk chicken, muenster slices, deli turkey, milk... and some cold pizza dough to roll out and make "Boney Breadsticks" for the office on Friday.

Wednesday's total came to $3.60 for a loaf of bread and a block of cheddar.

On one hand, that bought a lot of food, and the chicken, oregano, flour and diced tomatoes will last well past this week. The tomatoes were on sale and feature spices and flavors, like chipotle, which come in very handy when throwing together beans and rice, etc. On the other hand, sales will happen and I should try harder to budget for them!

I'm totally ready to start making bread again, because we're spending about $4 a week for decent whole-wheat bread! Besides, homemade always tastes better, and I like the fact that it gets stale after a few days because that means there are NO preservatives!

It's Wednesday, which means the flyers are out, so I need to start planning!

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