Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/25 Part 1- Save the Salmon!

We started off the day with some OJ, coffee and a HUGE blueberry muffin at my Aunt's house. Then we hit the road back to Portland. We stopped for another cup of coffee one the road, and went straight to Kendall's boss' house. We met his lovely family and chatted for a bit, then headed east. We stopped for a bite in Edgefield. They brought out some yummy bread, so I had a slice of whole grain and a slice of sourdough. Then I ordered the portabella burger. Kendall's sandwich came with a salad, mine came with fries, so we split our sides.
Then we were on the road! We headed to the Bonneville Dam where we saw a real fish ladder. It was fascinating! And it was great to learn about ongoing efforts to save my favorite fish!

We went across the road to the Bonneville hatchery where we met Herman the Sturgeon, fed the trout and watched salmon jump! So beautiful.

Then we headed back towards Portland and stopped at Multnomah Falls. They were so gorgeous and Kendall hadn't done the mile hike to the top, so we went. It was all uphill and we were seriously huffing and puffing. But the view was totally worth it!

More to come!

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