Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catchin' Up!

I've been out of the loop because Kendall and I are celebrating our first anniversary! We've spend the whole weekend celebrating, which has been fun. Admittedly, we've splurged on food this week, but it's good to indulge a little!

Friday, I had a bowl of cereal and coffee! For lunch, I had a tuna salad sandwich with an apple. For dinner, I made pizza from scratch. So yummy! Kendall also walked in with some gorgeous roses! Sweetest husband ever.

Saturday, I had peanut butter on toast. We ran some errands, ran by the farmers' market, and then came home to a lunch of butternut squash soup and some pressed sandwiches. We picked up some lovely lettuce and sweet grape tomatoes at the market. Yum!

My friend Mariah was so thoughtful and offered two wristbands to the AIA Tour of Homes, so we spent the afternoon going from house to house, checking out some amazing design and getting lots of good ideas! Thanks Mariah!

For our celebratory dinner, we went out for dinner at Chez Zee. I tried to hold back on their wonderful sourdough bread and olive oil. I was saving room! I had the jalapeno cornbread stuffed chicken breast with rice pilaf and sauteed veggies. Kendall had the tequila-lime grilled chicken with the rice and veggies. It was a ton of food! And every bite was delicious! They served two chicken breasts, so we both took home one. Then we headed over to Mozart's for a little dessert. We split a slice of blueberry cheesecake. Divine!

We woke this morning to no milk, so we were stuck. Donuts? So bad but so good! I had two and a half glazed! We decided that the best project for today was to remove the huge mirror from our master bathroom. It came out easier than expected. Then we thought, "We don't like the light fixture either!" So out it came! And we were off to Home Depot for some painting supplies and looking for light fixtures.

We lunched on leftover chicken, soup, cherry tomatoes, and Kendall had a PB & J sandwich. We headed out to IKEA and got mirrors and shelves for the bathroom and lots of candles. We stopped by Lowe's and then went back to Home Depot for our light fixture. We were losing daylight and really tired, so we swung by the grocery store for some pizza, beer and milk. Now we are relaxing with lots of warm candlelight.

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