Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10/26- Flight

So... what a wacky food day! We woke up to find Hampton graciously provides early morning travellers with a brown bagged breakfast. Thanks, Hampton Inn! They packed up a bottle of water, an apple, a Special K cereal bar and a lemon muffin. While not the most nutritious thing ever, not horrible, better than a fast food breakfast combo, and definitely a $$ saver!

Kendall and I chugged our water in the car before going through security. I ate the apple and cereal bar during take off during my first leg of the flight, and then had the muffin while the next leg was boarding. I had a coffee and a glass of tomato juice and a little oatmeal cookie on the flight. By the way, I was really impressed by Alaska Air. Both flights left early, the crew was nice, they tried to serve some local fare and the serve the can with your glass!
And that was all I had until dinner! Weirdly, I didn't get hungry. Kendall's flight was delayed, so I used the extra time to grocery shop before picking him up. Then I came home and got started on some white chili and a salad. I had two bowls of chili since I hadn't really had lunch that day. I also had 4 corn tortillas. I don't know why the salad photo is pink, but I'm keeping it because the day was so weird.

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