Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wheelin' Dealin' Disappointment

Today, I got up and ran for the first time in a few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't conk out super-early. This is proof that it's always okay to get back on the exercise wagon. Don't let your skipping exercise keep you away. Get back out there! It was also a great stress-buster.

After a lovely, hot shower, I came down and got some grub. I happily popped a blueberry English muffin in the toaster then topped it with butter and jam and poured a glass of milk and grabbed a pear. Plus black coffee, of course.

It was utterly delicious!

We went in for a car, but they couldn't cut us a deal we were happy with. So we walked! Remember, YOU are the customer and YOU are in control! After a disappointing experience, we met our friends for a birthday lunch at Madam Mam's Thai. I had the yellow curry with chicken and steamed rice. Delicious as always, but low on veggies.

We spent the afternoon knocking out our Christmas shopping. It feels great to be done! For dinner, we warmed up some leftovers. I had Golden Curry with a bit of rice. I had it with a beer.

A few more veggies here, but not many.

For dessert, a sliver of cheesecake. Now we're just chillin' with a glass of wine!

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