Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Post No. 2

Y'all, we had a haul!

There was much merriment all day long. My dad and brother chatted and joked and I caught this photo. Cute, no?

Our tree was filled up underneath. This shot did not include the boxes of gifts my in-law brought.

For example, my brother and sister-in-law gave us this super cute basket with fancy tea and Japanese style tea cups. They're really lovely.
A quick visit to my grandparents, and then we came home for some dinner. I had a big bowl of salad (2 C) with a bit of chili + corn chips, sour cream and cheese, and 1 tamale. I had a nice glass of red wine on the side.

Now we are relaxing... The tree is still littered with loot. I also received a crock-pot cookbook (YES!), two more pairs of earrings (one from local jeweler Krugers that is a light green stone, dangly and very pretty and one pair of turquoise studs from New Mexico), Japanese Cherry Blossom scented bath gel and lotion from BBW, a cute ornament from NM, lip gloss, a box of cracker jack, and we got a nice set of dominoes. AND we got some lovely hostess gifts (not necessary, y'all!) like wines and some pecans from my sister-in-law's brother's girlfriend's grandparent's farm. Hello! You can't beat that!

(Not shown: a lot of stuff)

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