Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soups On!

What a day! I started the day off with a bowl of cereal and milk. I grabbed some coffee and headed out the door into the cold.

Mid-morning, a cup of low-cal cocoa before a meeting to tide me over until lunch.

Kendall packed lunches today. I had a turkey and Swiss on homemade wheat with mayo. I also had a HUGE apple. Then there were chocolates and cookies offered and I couldn't resist.

After work, it was time for my test! I had another small sandwich and a pear when I got to campus. I did pretty well on the test, so I'm satisfied. Now, there's just the final left and I think I'm going to try to take it on Friday so I can get it over with before my weekend!

I got home and wasn't starving, but I had a little appetite. I heated up some chicken soup with whole-wheat noodles...

So warm and tasty!

After a bit of relaxation, I got hungry AGAIN, so I made tomato soup with basil and jalapeno-jack cheese. Kendall and I split the pot. Yummy!

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