Thursday, December 3, 2009

Open Mouth; Insert Foot.

Woke up this morning and had some awesome crepes! I had three with about 3 Tbsp of all-natural peanut butter with a little raspberry jam. I also had 1 C of milk on the side. I got ready and took my coffee to go.

Today was a co-worker's last day, so we all chipped in for pizza. I had 2 slices of cheese pizza, a small chocolate chip cookie and a mini-cupcake. Yum! I had a big bottle of water and some hot tea this afternoon.

Traffic took a while, and I had to get gas in the car. Once home, I lugged all of our plants inside the garage in preparation for the BIG FREEZE!!

Then I got to work on some Moroccan-style chicken. It has stewed tomatoes, onions, chicken, peanut butter, cinnamon, cumin and I had to sub some molasses for the honey. It was perfect for a cold night! Kendall brought home some hot French bread and red wine... for no particular reason other than it was Thursday! Basically, I have the best husband ever.

Now we're just kickin' it with some wine, comedy, cozy socks and Christmas tree lights.

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