Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sorry, Y'all!

'Twas the day before Bethany and Erik's wedding and all through our house,
Craziness was stirring, disrupting even a computer mouse.

The cars were retrieved from the shop with care,
A frozen pizza was baked that was shaped like a square.

Teamwork was treasured as we moved back the beds,
and a desk, and a box of books, as heavy as lead.

New carpet was installed in place of some old crap,
So now we can relax as we take a long nap.

Kendall put away scraps while up on a ladder,
As the washing machine spun, then wound down to a patter.

In the morning we will wake and then dash,
To gather our things, quick as a flash.

So you'll have to forgive when you glance over here,
And today's photos do not appear.

On cereal! On milk! On coffee! On banana!
On beans! On rice! On apple! On pizza!

A good weekend to all! And to all a good night!

Will be back with photos soon, y'all!

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