Thursday, December 24, 2009

Got the Roast Beast

Rolled out of bed and was not hungry. So I waited until I fixed this... applesauce, and one English muffin with coffee.

We went for a nice, long walk. It was cold out there! I showered and then we started working on the side bedrooms. Kendall whipped up some lunch while I folded laundry. He made tomato soup and pasta salad and poured me some blueberry juice.

For dessert, coffee, a chocolate and a cookie.

Our side bedrooms are looking great, I have to say. We have a big pile of donations for Goodwill, and our desk is clear, our books are sorted, and our gifts wrapped and all the wrapping stuff stored.
Oh, and did I mention that my awesome husband restrung our whack-ass blinds and fixed them? Yeah, I know, I got a keeper!
Then it was time to try out furniture arrangements for tomorrow's bunch. We actually like the way the furniture is arranged NOW, we decided, but because of our TV placement, we can't commit to it for the long-term. Then I popped a bird in the oven for a quiet Christmas Eve for two.

It was really lovely.
I baked up a final batch of cookies...

Chocolate chip this time!
Good night, all! I hope Santa is nice to you, and that you have a great time with your loved ones!

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