Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

The day started with cereal and milk and a cup of coffee. Then I was off to work. Just a few minutes into my drive, Kendall called and said the car wasn't working! They say things come in threes. Please let this be it!

For a snack, a banana. Work wasn't too busy today, which was nice. I spent my lunch break visiting my brother in the hospital (he's totally fine, though!) and came back to a turkey and Swiss sandwich on whole-wheat with mayo and about .5 C of greens. I had two clementines on the side. Yum!

After work, I came home to see if I could jump Kendall's car. Negative. So it's been towed. We came in and made a nice dinner of shrimp scampi with whole wheat pasta and asparagus.

You better believe I mixed that up!

For dessert, a cup of hot chocolate!

I'm exhausted! We're watching "Becoming Jane," and chilling in our PJs. I hope to rest up tonight!

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