Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to the grind! I started off the day with some cereal with milk and water. I got dressed, and grabbed my coffee.

Work was slow, and we're getting ready for our holiday luncheon. For lunch I had a turkey and Muenster on whole-grain sandwich with lettuce and mayo. I also had a tangerine and a pear. For dessert, 3 almond chocolate kisses.

The weather was NASTY out... drizzling all day and cold. I wanted something hearty and quick for dinner.

I pulled these out of the pantry... Red Runner Creole Cream Style Red Beans and chipotle diced tomatoes.

I pulled this out of the freezer. I don't like the idea of steaming things in plastic, so I dumped it into a pan on the stove.
The spinach was frozen into little cubes! I wonder why...

I served it over rice with some jalapeno-jack cheese and a little avocado salad with spinach on the side. So hearty and filling! On side, a petit glass of red wine.

I needed to use up some cranberries in the fridge so I whipped up a batch of cranberry muffins!

I had one with 6 blackberries and a bit of milk.
Now we are kicking back with a movie and another little glass of red wine.

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