Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Little Crazy

This weekend was good, but a little crazy. Let's start with Friday, shall we?

I started with a run, then had some cereal with milk, grabbed my coffee and hit the road. There was SNOW in the forecast, and traffic was really nice and light.

For a snack, raisins, and for lunch, I had some Moroccan stew and an orange. I made some hot tea and watched the snow drift in.

After work, I started feeling a little funky, but I thought it was stress. I studied and went to take my final. Not so great.

I went home to find that husband borrowed a car to see if we wanted to buy it. It was cute, and we drove it to dinner. The restaurant we went to was more of a bar. I ordered the veggie quesadillas and Kendall got the cheese pizza. I had the 512 IPA, he had the dark porter. We I had two wedges of the quesadilla and the salad and two slices of Kendall's pizza. I skipped the sour cream.

I was NOT feeling great after dinner and went to bed early. I woke up not feeling any better. I had some cereal and coffee. I went to get Bethany's gift and then felt puny. I came home and Kendall sent me to bed while he made lunch. He made pasta salad and some soup. Then I went back to bed! I had to call Bethany and change my plans for her bachelorette party. I thought it best not to stay up late drinking but was able to meet them for dinner and some gifts and games. We started off the night with a celebratory tequlia shot. Then we walked to the restaurant. There, they treated us to a glass of rose champagne! We split some spinach artichoke dip. Then another friendly person bought us a round! More tequlia shots. That was all for me! I stuck with water for the rest of the evening. I ordered the chicken with whole-wheat pasta and veggies. It asked for the alfredo sauce on the side and I was glad I did. There was enough flavor without it and it had a sweetness to it that I didn't care for.

We went back to the room and Beth opened gifts! Then I got out of there. I was so sorry to leave the party, but I did have fun! I got home and went straight to bed.

Today, I had a big bowl of oatmeal and coffee. We had a bit of a dilemma... Our kitchen light went out and it wasn't the light bulb. We had to replace the whole dang thing! Three trips to Lowe's later, and it was installed... with barely any time to spare to get ready for the Nutcracker. We threw on some clothes, at a quick bite of lasagna, and were out the door. We got there in time though!

The ballet was GREAT! The restaurant we planned to go to was closed, so we went to Chuy's. I ordered a light beer and had the veggie enchiladas with charro beans and rice. I ate half there with plenty of chips and salsa. (Note: My dress had a belt which seriously had me feeling REALLY full when I finished half my plate. If you think you might be tempted at a holiday party, consider donning a belt around your waist with some of the cute dresses and cardigans out now. It can help remind you of a good portion size so you don't overeat mindlessly!) I took the rest home.

I folded laundry and then showered. Then I was a little hungry again, so I settled in with some leftovers and wine.

I'm feeling better, but still really tired. Good night, all!

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