Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just an Ordinary Tuesday

I started off the day with some cereal and milk (1 C of each). Then I started the crockpot with black beans! I packed my lunch and I got dressed.

For a snack, I had some raisins and mixed nuts (1/4 C total) and a cup of low-cal hot cocoa. I didn't finish the cocoa.

For lunch, I packed a big bowl of white bean and spinach Minestrone. There were tons of veggies! I had about 2.5 C of soup, and I'm estimating that about 1 C were veggies (either soup veggies or spinach). On the side, a slice of whole-grain bread and a slice of Muenster cheese. For my sweet tooth, a tangerine and a cranberry muffin. I also downed about 16 oz of water at lunch.

Later at my desk, I felt cold. A neighbor had Andes mint. Love those! I also had some hot tea.

At home, I sauteed some onions and squash and I steamed some broccoli. I paired the onions and squash with black beans and spooned in some leftover chipotle tomatoes. I mixed it together and sprinkled just a touch of jalapeno-jack cheese on top. It was delicious! All in all, I probably had 1.5 C of vegetables between the broccoli and tomatoes, onions and squash.

Now we're just kicking it with some red wine and possible some "Bridget Jones' Diary" later...

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