Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve-Eve!

I started off the morning with a classic English muffin with a little butter and some raspberry jam. I had an apple on the side, a glass of milk and some coffee. Delicious, and really filling. I didn't really sleep in too late, and I wasn't hungry until 1 pm.

We looked at more cars today, then went shopping for things for Christmas Day (groceries, bowls, plates, and a cookie sheet). I came home and had a turkey (1 oz.) on whole-wheat sandwich with some mayo and a lot of lettuce (1 C).

I also had this carrot, which was sweet and crunchy.

And then Kendall convinced me to have a piece of cheese cake with a little milk. I mean, he really had to twist my arm!

In the afternoon, we went on a walk, and pulled some weeds. Then we organized our study a little more. It's getting better bit by bit. We have consolidated to one desk, so we are now sharing and have a lot of twins... two staples, two staple removers, three rolls of tape, about a gazillion pens and sharpies and highlighters!
For dinner, a quick meal at home-- pizza with some veggies thrown on top and a nice salad with tomato and avocado. Plus a glass of wine (A big one? Kendall poured it and I am still working on it 3 hours later!).

Then I got to work on cookies! See next post!

Today's Totals:
Grains: 7 serv
Meat: 1 serv
Dairy: 3 serv
Veggies: 3 serv
Fruit: 1 serv
Discretionary Cals: about 300

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