Sunday, December 13, 2009

'Tis the Season for Craziness

I'm sorry, but no photos for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This weekend had some unexpected twists and turns with the fam, but we are home and relaxing now. But there is ALWAYS a silver lining, and here's mine:

1. We are getting new carpet in our study and guest bedroom on Thursday, so we had to move out all of our stuff into our Master Bedroom. But we managed to sort and purge. Some furniture went to Goodwill and we painted my old desk. So now we will have more space, a more sleek look and a new feel. Hooray! My dad helped out tons. Thanks, Dad!

2. You know how you usually wish you had more time with family during the holiday season? This weekend, we really got to S-L-O-W down and spent lots of time with my Dad and I got to hang out with my nephews today. Um, I'm the clumsiest aunt in the world. I challenged my nephews to a race and ran down a hill. After successfully going down the hill and was running on FLAT GROUND, I fell over. My knee is bruised and a little swollen because that is what broke my fall. Ouch.

3. We went to check out Luminations at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. It was so neat! And we got to donate to the local food bank, which is always a great cause.

4. Lots of laughs with some co-workers on Friday night.

Here's what I ate, people...

Cereal with milk and coffee
Leftovers: 1 veggie enchiladas, 1 chicken enchilada, 1.5 serv rice, and 1 serv black beans + a few chips
Sloppy Joes with a salad and some potato chips + 3 glasses of wine

Scrambled eggs + juice and coffee
Leftover sloppy joes with some pasta salad and a veggie salad and a Diet Coke
Pizza and salad with a Full Moon beer
Popcorn and half of a beer

Cereal with milk and juice and coffee
One slice cheese pizza, veggie soup, clementine
Diet Coke and French Fries
Two chicken tostadas with lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, sour cream
Popcorn and beer

Sometimes, when life gets crazy, you can be so extraordinarily pleased by having a set of clean sheets in the closet! It's the little things.

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