Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is It Friday Yet??

I was like a machine this morning! I woke up for a nice, hot shower and got to work! I drained and rinsed black beans and threw them in the crockpot. Then I emptied the clean dishwasher and added the dirty dishes. Then I assembled our lunches. I chowed down on some cereal and milk, grabbed my coffee, and dashed out the door! I almost forgot my belt.

At work, we had a bridal shower for a co-worker. I had a donut for a snack. I brought a salad for several reasons: 1) I had nothing to contribute to the potluck. 2) Potlucks aren't very nutritious round these parts. 3) I had things to use up from our fridge.

For lunch, I had that salad which was about 1 C greens and .5 C veggies plus a little less than a slice of deli turkey, about 2 oz mozzarella cheese, a hard-boiled egg and 5 shrimp. I hit the potluck table up for some sides... I grabbed some pita chips (~5) + 1 Tbsp red pepper hummus, and 3 big crackers + 2 Tbsp of Heather's hubby's dip (sour cream, cheese, green onions, and olives!). I also spied ANOTHER salad, but this one was Greek. There was tons of spinach and some cherry tomatoes, so I dug out some of those! And I had 1 chicken tamale. 'Tis the season, yes? I came away from it pleasantly full, not stuffed.

Later, I had the most amazing carrot cake ever and some fresh fruit.

After work, life got a little crazy, or should I say, crazier. I picked up Kendall and then we had the worst encounter EVER at a gas station. The place was packed and Kendall got in line to pull forward after a woman finished pumping. This guy pulled up behind her, and we got nervous. Was he going to do what we thought he was going to do? He moved his wheels a bit, and I just thought he was stuck with all the cars swarming around. Then the lady pulled forward and so did he... right to the gas pump! No he didn't?! Yes he DID! Kendall got out and confronted the guy. He was annoyed but didn't get too heated. He just asked, "Why would you do that? Did you not see me?" And the guy actually said, "Yeah, but I needed to get gas!" Seriously?!?! So did we, sir! Well... Happy Holidays and I hope you feel super-duper great about yourself, you big Bah Humbug! So we left and went to another gas station.

Then we came home, grabbed Kendall's suits, took them to the dry cleaner and ran to the grocery store for my prescription + new facial moisturizer + wine + beer for our 1.5 weeks off!

Came home to a hot slow-cooker full of black beans! Combined with leftover rice, Mexican-style canned diced tomatoes and a little cheese. Delicious! Had it with a glass of wine.

Speaking of wine... look what we got! This is our second food-related gift this Christmas and we are thrilled! First, we got a 6-month subscription to a Breakfast Club with English Muffins galore! And today, our sweet friend Robin gave us these little cuties! Just the sweetest winter wine glasses ever!

Today's Totals:

Grains: 5 serv
Veggies: 3.5 serv
Fruit: 1.5 serv
Dairy: 2 serv
Protein: 4 serv
Discretionary: 300 cal... and counting with the wine. But for serious, it's been a rough few days!

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