Monday, March 1, 2010

Mondays are the Worst

I did NOT want to go to work today.  But I did.  I ate some oatmeal first, with milk and peanut butter.  I grabbed my coffee and scooted out the door.

The morning went quickly, and soon, it was time for a snack!

I had a light yogurt, which hit the spot.  It took away my hunger pangs.

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch.  I love lunch!

I packed a turkey and provolone sandwich with some lettuce, a veggie juice and a pear.  It was so yummy!  There something weirdly rounded about this lunch that made me happy.  Veggie juice does have sodium, so be cafeful!

After work was over, I drove to campus and had another sandwich.  Then I sat through glass and hoped my lab instructor would have extra goggles because I forgot mine.  He did!

When I was home, I decided to make some dinner.

I heated up some asparagus...

And had some black beans over roasted potatoes with cheese, roasted red bell peppers and salsa.  Yum!

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