Monday, March 29, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend!

What a weekend!  I don't have all my photos uploaded, but here's a quick recap of what went down.

Friday, I started the day with some oatmeal, and then for lunch, I packed a turkey and cheese sandwich with carrots and lots of fruit.

Those are honey tangerine segments and they are awesome!  I love that fruit.  It's a nice change from the super citrus we've enjoyed this winter.  I was also excited to incorporate some berries and pineapple.

Friday night, we had to dash around to take Kendall's suit to the cleaners and to the store to get some items for the baby shower on Saturday.  I picked up a frozen pizza.  I know it' not the best option and I had pizza this week already, but we needed something in a pinch, and Friday IS traditionally pizza night!

Saturday morning, I had a scrambled egg, because I knew I'd be munching all morning.  For the shower, I put out banana nut muffins, fruit salad, carrot cake, and Orange-Pineapple punch.  And coffee, of course.

The shower went great!  I think everyone had a good time. 

For lunch, my Mom and I tossed together a "chef's salad" of spinach, tomatoes, avocado, carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, cheese, turkey deli meat and hard-boiled eggs.  We served wheat crackers with it, as well as fruit salad and muffins.  It hit the spot, and made up for some missing veggie servings on Friday...

We went to a wedding Saturday night, and had a great time!  We carpooled with some friends.  After the ceremony, we settled in at the reception with some red wine, fruit, cheese and crackers.  For dinner, they served fried chicken with gravy, baby potatoes in a butter sauce, steamed veggies, a wheat roll and salad.  I had raspberry vinaigrette, which was thick (I think they added cornstarch?) and REALLY sweet.  The other option was ranch, so I think no matter what, you were getting unneccesary calories.  I tried to pick off some of the breading on the chicken, and I needed to salt the veggies.  I didn't eat all of the roll.  Overall the meal was alright, and I appreciated that they tried something different (other than BBQ or baked chicken, etc.).  The cake was delicious!  There were three types of cake, and Kendall and I got the brides' cake.  It was white with raspberry filling and white icing.  There was also chocolate and chocolate marble, which our friends had.  There was much dancing!  We got home, invited our friends in, and chatted over a beer.

Sunday, I had some fruit salad and a muffin with a glass of milk.  We ran errands, and then we grabbed lunch at our favorite Mexican taqueria.  We had two shredded chicken tostadas, piled high with salad, sour cream, cheese and avocado!

For dinner, I made some chicken teriyaki with broccoli and asparagus, some steamed rice, and baked teriyaki tofu.  I bought medium hard tofu, and it wasn't firm enough.  It also didn't absorb a lot of flavor from the sauce, even though I marinaded it for an hour.  The rest was boxed up for lefovers at lunch!

This morning, I had a blueberry bagel with peanut butter, a light yogurt and some fruit salad with a glass of water.

Have a fab Monday!

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