Wednesday, March 3, 2010

There are Days when Podcasts Save my Life

Today was one.  Slate Cultural Gabfest on the way to work, and This American Life on the way to class and home. 

I started the day feeling adventurous.  So adventurous I made intensely appley oatmeal.  It was cinnamon apple flavor and I used about 1/2 C of apple sauce with it.

I mean, it was intensely apple-flavored.  A bit too much.  But at least I got some fruit in.

And a big ol' dollop of peanut butter!

Work went well, but I was ready for lunch because I didn't pack a snack.

More fruit and veggies!  I've been bad about my veggie intake recently, so I made a salad with cucumber, carrot, some hearts of palm, green bell pepper, a few small cheese cubes, a bit of chicken and an egg.  Then I had half of a grapefruit.  It hit the spot!

Then I went to class.  Before class, I stopped by my professor's office hours to ask some questions.  I felt back on track, totally caught up, the world was lookin' up!  Then I went to class, and by the end of lecture, I felt more confused than ever before!  Ugh!

I came home and wanted comfort food.  I've been craving Ramen for two days now!  Weird, right?  I tried to make it a bit healthier.  I added some veggies and a bit of chicken.  Luckily, I had carrots and some frozen sugar snap peas available!

It hit the spot!  Now I'm just hanging out, watching some TV comedy.

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