Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend in Review... as Promised

Sorry for yet another delay, but I wasn't feeling awesome, so this had to be pushed back a few hours.

This weekend, I cooked up a storm.  On Saturday, I had a very successful trip to the grocery store.  We bought strawberries on sale.  And guess what, they tasted good!  I immediately looked up the Poteet Strawberry Festival with anticipation.

We also bought avocadoes.  Several of them.  We sliced them up for lunch.

Kendall threw together a lovely pasta salad.  We started with a boxed mix, but added some whole-wheat pasta and lots of veggies.  The end result was delicious and filling.

I studied for most of Saturday afternoon, and then we took Maple for a walk.  We had a birthday party that night, so the mood felt festive enough for something spicy and yummy.  Like... shrimp pad thai!

Oh yes.  This is why life is worth living.  Perfectly plump shrimp, lovely little rice noodles, tangy sauce, green bell peppers, onions, green onions, and cilantro.  And lime.  My heart is racing just remembering how good this was.  And guess what else?  Boxed mix!  I need to learn to make this from scratch, but was having a hard time finding a seasoning packet by itself, so I bought a box of the noodles and sauce.

Then I fashioned some cucumber salad like we have in restaurants.  Cucumbers sliced thin, red onion and some rice vinegar.  This was not exactly what we have.  It was missing a layer or two.  But it was still pretty good.

I woke up Sunday with a hankerin'...

For some sort of sweet quick bread!  I made this lemon quick bread.  It's a basic sweet quick bread recipe.  I used some whole-wheat flour.  Then it has this LOVELY lemon glaze over it.  It's quite delicious.

Kendall saw this in the grocery store and we decided to give it a go.  I must say that it is yummy, but is lacking some depth.  If you want a nice, basic cheese soup, this is a great find.  It's $3 and in your kosher section. 

I served it with some wraps I made that were smeared with white bean dip, had a bit of turkey deli meat, some cheese, lettuce, cucumber and roasted red bell peppers.  This was hearty but pretty light.  The tastes were amazing.

Alright, sick girl is tired.  Time for my brain to shut off.

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