Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Butterflies are Passive-Aggressive

So Tuesdays are one step closer to Friday, and that means that they are inherently good.  I woke up early and laid in bed until Maple stirred a few minutes before 6 am, then took her out and took my shower.  I tried our new, awesome shower gel, and am now a believer.  My friend used some this weekend and loved it, Kendall tried it and loved it, and now I love it too!  Wanna know what it is?  BRACE YOURSELF!

Suave Naturals Apricot Exfoliating Body Wash

No, I'm serious.  This stuff is good.  And cheap.  I love those two words.  It smells pretty amazing, it exfoliates, which is fun, and is one of the few soaps I've used that makes my skin feel good hours later when I'm in the office.  Hallelujah!  Good and cheap, good and cheap, good and cheap!

After that unexpected spa-like moment that made me feel like I was in a commercial, I made some oatmeal with milk and peanut butter.  Still lovin' it!

The morning was good, but I just want to let something out. Can I?  You're so nice... I am not a fan of passive-aggressive co-workers.  Please, let's not do this.  We're adults.  So please don't make up new rules out of thin air, for Pete's sake!  And when I ask you about it, please don't go all dumb on me, for cryin' out loud!  Now, pipe down!

Ahem.  Thanks.  It helps to have friends.

Obviously, at some point this morning, I was feeling cranky.  So I ate a yogurt.

Moving on to more pleasant things... like LUNCH!
Since my little black bean and potato creation was so good last night, I repeated it with some salsa and cheese.  And I had a piece of my blueberry coffee cake.  It's finished.  So are the black beans.  Bye, bye!

Class was good, but we have a test on Thursday!  I feel pretty good about the material.

I came home and my hubby had made some pasta salad, so I added a little chicken, green bell pepper, cilantro and cheese.

Thanks babe!

Now it's American Idol and chilling before bed.

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