Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend in Review

What a weekend!  What weather!  Saturday was rainy and cold.  Sunday was nice, sunny but windy.

I had some oatmeal for breakfast.  After cleaning the house, and getting ready for our day.  We whipped up some lunch.  Kendall made French Onion soup and I made some wraps to along side it.

For dinner, we decided to have some white chili, since it might our last chance until next fall!

Made it in my awesome new Dutch oven.  It was stupendous.

I woke up and after snoozing a bit more and baked some blackberry muffins.  I had two with some yogurt topped with granola and a few more berries.

For lunch, Kendall made two soups, French Onion and Creamy Asparagus!

It was very good.  Very filling for a liquid lunch.

After a productive afternoon, I got to work on some panang curry.  It was a success!

It was great!  Still lacked a depth of flavor I think kaffir limes and palm sugar would have given, but it was still really yummy.  Restaurant quality, dare I say?

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